• Dr. Jim Kennedy (CEO) has led schools throughout Los Angeles, including UCLA’s laboratory elementary school. He earned both a Master’s Degree and Doctorate in Education at UCLA.


Dear Friends,

Welcome! As you’ll see in our photos, Extera Public Schools are a one-of-a-kind place for kids. The enthusiasm of our bright young students is matched only by the dedication of our talented teachers and staff. The result: children thrive. Each day they grow in ways that amaze us all.

At Extera, we take learning well beyond the classroom and challenge students to see the world with purpose and understanding. Classroom projects are connected to excursions into nature, trips to museums, and other outings of discovery. Students learn to see themselves in a broader context than their day-to-day lives. They strive for personal excellence and seek to become trailblazers in everything they do.

In a short time, Extera has become highly regarded within the community for impressive academic outcomes produced by a high interest curriculum. Our students benefit from a longer instructional day and an extended school year (200 days). In fact, students attending Extera receive 2 ½ years of additional elementary school experience as a result of these increased opportunities to learn. We recognize and nurture every child’s potential. I’m proud to say that parents are quick to tell us that their children love coming to school, and they are amazed by the growth they see at school and at home. It’s both a pleasure and an honor to be part of that process.

Dr. Jim Kennedy

Chief Executive Officer