Extera Public School Board Meeting – Tuesday, January 24, 6:30pm @ 1870 E 1st Street, LA, CA 90033


I. Opening Items
A. Record Attendance and Guests

B. Call the Meeting to Order C. Approve Minutes

II. Public Comment (3 minutes each) A. Members of the public are able to

address the Board


Approve Minutes



Tom Strickler Tom Strickler




Members of the public are able to address the Board regarding items on this agenda or other business under the Board’s purview for 3 minutes.

III. Old Business
A. Follow Up on November Public Discuss Jim Kennedy 20


Discussion of follow up and next steps pertaining to concerns that were shared during public comment at the November board meeting with regard to teachers’ requests for additional support for challenging student behaviors, increased attention to the safety and well-being of students and staff, and school site participation in local decision making.

IV. Finance
A. Board Review of the Most Recent Discuss

Financials for Extera Public Schools

V. Academic Excellence

  1. Board Review of December 2016 DiscussSchool Performance Dashboard
  2. Update on Transition of Extera FYI Students to High School

VI. Governance

  1. Adopt 2016-17 Benchmarks of Vote Excellence and Program Goals for
    Extera Public Schools
  2. Board Review of the 2016-17 Charter FYI School Compliance Monitoring Form

C. Brown Act Training FYI

Samira Estilai 15

Jim Kennedy 10 Mary Najera 10

Jim Kennedy 10

Jim Kennedy 10 40

The Extera Board of Directors will participate in annual Brown Act training provided by YM&C. The Brown Act is a law that guarantees the public’s right to attend and participate in meetings of local legislative bodies.

VII. Closing Items
A. Adjourn Meeting Vote